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Heritage & Hospitality: Our Story

Welcome to Hotel Tomi, a family-run gem in the heart of Portorož. Our story began over a century ago with a small 19th-century inn. Today, we’ve grown into a cherished retreat, known for our warm hospitality and a commitment to excellent service. At Hotel Tomi, we blend rich heritage with modern comforts, offering a relaxing environment and top-notch dining that celebrates local flavors. Sustainability and your happiness are at the core of what we do. Come stay with us and experience a tradition that values every guest and every moment spent with us.


The Matjaž family’s hospitality roots date back to 1908 with Jože Matjaž’s inn in Mozirje. His daughter Marija continued this legacy in Croatia, and her son, Mate, known as Tomi, expanded it by opening a restaurant and hotel in Portorož in 1978. From a simple inn to a thriving hotel, our journey has been filled with passion and hard work.


At Hotel Tomi, our philosophy is centered on personalized hospitality, ensuring that each guest’s experience is paramount. Our approach is all about the personal touch, highlighted by our famously kind staff and a commitment to exceptional service. This commitment extends beyond just making our guests happy—it’s also about caring for the environment.

Today & Tomorrow

We take pride in our sustainable practices, such as using solar panels to generate 60% of our energy and to heat our water. Our dedication to green mobility is evident in the facilities we offer, such as electric bike rentals and a charging station for electric vehicles. Additionally, we use an electric car to source local products for our breakfast, ensuring that even our meals reflect our environmental responsibility. These efforts are not only good for the planet but enhance every aspect of our guests’ stay, creating a unique experience that respects both the people who visit us and the world around us.

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Hotel Tomi, nestled on a serene Portorož hill, offers stunning views of the sea and bay. Our boutique, family-run hotel provides a tranquil escape where guests can enjoy the breathtaking scenery in a truly memorable Mediterranean setting.

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